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Hello. Our team spent years in national and international agencies, running major campaigns for brands like Coca Cola. Today we focus on two things. We work with our clients to get them the right kind of attention with influencers in the media, social landscape and with the organizations, industry bodies and events that can help them grow their brands and business quickly. And we help our clients become more influential in their own fields through written content, speeches, media coverage and leadership training. Our clients include smart entrepreneurial start ups on the track to major success, Fortune 500 corporations looking for expert counseling and team training, and all kinds of brands that need to plant a deeper footprint in the news, industry and social landscapes.


Steve Gill is from the UK where he worked for a national, fast moving news agency. In 1997 he was headhunted to the Minneapolis office of Weber Shandwick, the largest PR network in the world where he led campaigns for industry leading brands. He founded ghost in 2006, a specialty influencer, PR and content marketing agency and attracted clients form areas as far flung as New Zealand, New York, the Netherlands and London. An agency model innovator, Gill has been tapped by space150, Martin Williams, Little and broadhead among others to help reshape their images in industry media. A news junkie, sought after media and social strategist, Gill is also former Editor in Chief of US Ad Review and ghostwriter of countless articles.

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